Fundraising can be hard but it is a great opportunity to earn money and get the entire community excited and engaged in your playground project. Our playground partner Playworld offers assistance through their FUNDING RESOURCE CENTER.

The Playworld team of fundraising experts developed a series of industry-leading, step-by-step guides. Whether you are beginning to think about funding or a seasoned pro, their resources will enable you to better understand the funding market and empower you to create and manage a successful campaign. Check out the FREE RESOURCES.

Playspace Adventures is here to help develop a campaign that will get the community buzzing (and therefore donating).

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What is the KaBOOM! community-build model?

KaBOOM! works with corporate sponsors to bring play areas to communities. You can apply for their grants at any time of the year.

For over twenty years KaBOOM! has supported community building in neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country through our community-build model. At the heart of this model is a one-day playground build that represents an achievable win for a community on a defined time line. Community-build play spaces engage your larger community: residents, parents, neighbors, youth, local business, and your municipality to design, plan, and execute your Build Day. This process creates an environment that enables people to share their strengths and helps communities identify assets, as well as identifying other local companies and community groups that have important resources to contribute. The Build Day is the outcome of all your hard work throughout the planning process, however the true outcome is the long-term impact of the community-building work that you do. The KaBOOM! community-build model is successful if those that are involved learn new skills and are able to use them to continue to make a difference in your community after project completion.

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