To satisfy your planning and design needs Playspace Adventures has the tools and experience to assist you in developing an outstanding play area! We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is properly grown and fully realized.

  • Professional autoCAD solutions
  • Assist gathering community feedback
  • Determine space constraints, site prep needed and unique features that will enhance the design
  • Graphical 3-D Renderings of proposed designs
  • Presentation design boards
  • Accessible and inclusive design for a play space that embraces everyone at all levels
  • Grand openings and media events


Everyone, including children with disabilities, children who are typically developing and the adults in their lives, should have access to inclusive playgrounds. Playworld understands how inclusive play equipment enables and inspires children of all abilities and ages to play — both on their own and with their peers.

There are many accessible elements you can incorporate into your playground. Playworld creates inclusive components like wheelchair-accessible structures with wide pathways and parts. That allows children who use wheelchairs and other medical assistance devices to play comfortably. Playworld also offer stainless steel slides. These components create play areas for children with cochlear implants who can’t use plastic slides due to the electrostatic discharge (ESD) risk.

Playspace will help you design a playground that includes sensory-rich activities to promote engagement and cater to multiple levels of physical and intellectual ability. A unitary, shock-absorbing ground surface helps ensure mobility for those who use wheelchairs or other assistance devices.

With highly durable materials and several safety certifications, you can trust the inclusive playground equipment from Playworld. Check out the Playworld Inclusive Play guide for more information.

inclusive play

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